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The “Play of the Year”

4 Apr

McCann is quoted to say that the Georgia born Tim Hudson’s performance this Sunday against the Nationals could be the play of the year. Tim Hudson sliding over home plate headfirst.  Just another case of Hudson proving an old dog has new tricks.  He has been known to prove himself on the field time after time.  Hudson only allowed one run and three hits in seven innings.

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Prado makes quick and successful adjustment to LF.

29 Mar

Omar Infante and Martin Prado (2008 - Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

With Dan Uggla, former 2B for the Marlins, joining the team, Prado has had to adjust to his new roll in left field. Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez has been very impressed with the transition.

“[Prado] might be the best left fielder in the National League,” Gonzalez said. “From what we’ve seen in Spring Training, he’s in the top five. … That’s how impressed I was with him picking up left field.”

Not only is Prado doing a great job getting to and catching the ball, he’s picking up other OF responsibilities quickly as well. 

“It was the little things, not just catching the ball and throwing the ball,” Gonzalez said. “When you see a ball hit off the wall, he’s backing up the guy where he’s supposed to be. When you see a ball going to right field, he backs up where he’s supposed to be.”

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No. 6 – New Legend in Hall of Fame

23 Mar

On August 12, 2011 Braves fans and players will give thanks and due recognition to Bobby Cox as he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Still getting into the swing of retirement, the former manager can’t just stay away from the Braves. After 20 years, Cox is still a behind-the-scenes consultant, but he is also relaxing and gearing up for his induction. Read more about his fellow Hall of Famers and the induction on the Braves news site.

Versatile Ed Lucas Could Join Bench.

15 Mar

AP Image 2011

According to an article posted yesterday on the Braves official news page, Ed Lucas is a contender for one of the club’s bench spots.

Lucas played seven professional seasons for the Royals before signing a minor league contract with the Braves. With eight current Royals players/staff being former Braves, Lucas heard great things about the Bravos and looked forward to getting to be a part of the organization.

“Guys usually have a tendency to downplay or trash wherever they came from,” Lucas said. “But every guy that came over there never had anything but good things to say about this organization. So when I had a chance to come over here, I was very excited.”

Lucas is a classic utility player who was quoted stating, “I’ve just done whatever I could do to stay in the lineup… I pride myself on my ability to play everywhere and I’m comfortable everywhere.”

His ability to come in as a backup for SS Alex Gonzalez bodes well for his chances to make the Opening Day lineup.

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